As we continue to adapt and prepare Good Dirt LA to reopen gradually and safely to our wonderful community, we are thrilled to offer ongoing online opportunities for kids to stay engaged and creative at home!
We welcome all children ages 6 and up to join us for our Online Kids Classes held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11am and 2pm. These 30-minute classes include instruction and all materials needed for $20 / participant. The possibilities with clay are still endless even at home, and instructors will guide our young students step-by-step through each new project while encouraging them to add their own creative flair.
Prior to the class, we will offer contactless pick-up for project kits, which include all materials and tools for the specific project. Parents will just need to provide a dish of water and a craft mat or cutting board to protect their kids’ work area. If you would like us to fire and glaze your child’s finished piece, there will be an additional $10 firing fee per piece created. We will provide drop-off instructions with your kit.
Click HERE to view our Online Kids Class schedule and sign up today!
Interested in a private online class? E-mail us at [email protected] to book a private online gathering. Maybe your child is celebrating a birthday or school graduation—whatever the occasion, we want to celebrate with you and help make it special!

Pottery Classes for Kids

Our pottery classes for kids focus on creativity and exploring the endless possibilities of clay. Our young students are guided step-by-step through all their projects, but there is always room for them to take control over their own art projects and tailor each according to their own creative vision. Good Dirt LA always encourages individuality!
We welcome all children ages 6 – 12 in our weekly Kids Class on Sunday mornings. This 2-hour class includes clay, glazing, and firing for $50/class. Children will have a chance to learn the basic methods of handbuilding—coiling, pinching, building with slabs, and sculpting—as well as what goes into making bowls, mugs, containers, and sculptural art pieces.

In addition to our Sunday class (ages 6-12), we offer Monday afternoon classes (ages 9-14), seasonal camps, events and private party offerings specifically for kids. Please check our “Workshops & Events” page for updates. We do allow teens (ages 15 and up) to join our adult classes with permission. We can also schedule special class series for individuals or groups who are not quite at home in the Sunday class but also not quite ready to be a part of an adult environment. For all questions and concerns or to book a private party or class, e-mail us at [email protected]. We also offer Gift Cards, which you can purchase here on our MINDBODY online store.
Please note that our kids class is a “drop off” class: After teaching for many years, our owner believes that children are less inhibited in their creative exploration when they are not being watched by their parents or other family members. Thank you for understanding. We look forward to working with your children!

Kids Pottery Classes at Good Dirt LA


Q. How should my child prep for class?
A. They should arrive dressed in comfortable clothes and shoes. The clay that we use won’t leave permanent stains, but it’s best to pick out something that they (and you) don’t mind getting a little dirty. If your child or teen has long hair, make sure he/she brings an elastic band to pull it back. Also, trimmed nails are ideal for handling clay.

Q. Will their pieces be safe to eat on and drink out of once complete?
A. Yes! We only use health-approved clay and glaze materials.

Q. When will my child’s artwork be ready?
A. All work goes through two kiln firings. The first is a bisque firing. The second is a glaze firing, making the pottery safe for food and drinks. Because of this long process, the students’ work will take approximately three weeks before they’ll ready to be picked up.

Q. What happens if my child’s artwork gets damaged at the studio?
A. Unfortunately, due to the nature of clay, things happen during the drying process and/or in the kiln that are beyond our control. We care very much about your children’s work and if it becomes damaged, we’ll try our best to fix it. However, we make no guarantees that the item will be restored.

Q. What happens to my child’s pieces if we forget to pick them up?
A. We hold onto artwork for 45 days. After that point, they’ll be given to charity. Thank you for understanding, as we have limited storage space!