Kids' Classes

For a limited time only, we are offering a special, COVID-adapted opportunity for your kids to have fun with clay! Join us for our 4-week Outdoor Hand Building classes for Kids at at a nearby pop-up location just a few blocks from our studio. Each class will be limited to 4 kids only (ages 7 – 12) to maximize physical distancing and personal attention from the instructor. Sign Up Here.

Please note that these lessons are are NOT on the wheel and are taught using hand building techniques. Although people often think of wheel-throwing when they think of pottery, hand building is actually the oldest form of making pottery as it involves only the hands and simple tools. It is a truly grounding way of working with clay and leads to endless possibilities of form and creative exploration! These classes have a set schedule and curriculum. We cannot offer alternate schedules, one-time, make-up or drop-in classes at this time.

If you would like to plan a private outdoor handbuilding class at your home, please e-mail us at [email protected] for more information and pricing! We also offer online private classes for kids, adults, and families.


Our next round of Kids’ Handbuilding Classes start at the end of August. All class prices include instruction, clay, glaze, firing, and use of studio tools! See the class schedules below:
Mondays 3:30–5:00pm
August 30 – September 20
(with September 27 reserved for studio-scheduled makeup)
Sign Up Here

Tuesdays 3:30–5:00pm
August 31 – September 21
(with September 28 reserved for studio-scheduled makeup)
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For the safety of all our students and staff, we are asking parents to complete a Wellness Check Questionnaire, before class each week. While on site for their class, all students must wear a mask covering their mouth and nose while and stay socially distanced from one another and the teacher.
If a student needs to drink water or take a break, they must use the designated rest area located away from the work stations. At the end of each class, students will be asked to clean and disinfect their workstations and tools.

Hand sanitizer and hand-washing stations will be readily accessible to all!

Kids Pottery Classes at Good Dirt LA


Q. How should my child prep for class?
A. They should arrive dressed in warm, comfortable clothes and shoes. The clay that we use won’t leave permanent stains, but it’s best to pick out something that they (and you) don’t mind getting a little dirty. If your child or teen has long hair, make sure he/she brings an elastic band to pull it back. Also, trimmed nails are ideal for handling clay.

Q. Will their pieces be safe to eat on and drink out of once complete?
A. Yes! We only use health-approved clay and glaze materials.

Q. When will my child’s artwork be ready?
A. All work goes through two kiln firings. The first is a bisque firing. The second is a glaze firing, making the pottery safe for food and drinks. Because of this long process, the students’ work will take approximately four weeks before they are ready to be picked up.

Q. What happens if my child’s artwork gets damaged at the studio?
A. Unfortunately, due to the nature of clay, things happen during the drying process and/or in the kiln that are beyond our control. We care very much about your children’s work and if it becomes damaged, we’ll try our best to fix it. However, we make no guarantees that the item will be restored.

Q. What happens to my child’s pieces if we forget to pick them up?
A. We hold onto artwork for 45 days. After that point, they’ll be given to charity. Thank you for understanding, as we have limited storage space!

Q. What about COVID safety?
A. For now, our kids classes are limited to 4 students at a time. These classes are held outdoors where we are able to maintain a minimum of 6′ of distance between each student and each student has their own workstation. All students and teachers are required to wear a mask covering the mouth and nose for the entire duration of the class, but we also have a safe spot for kids to step away from the group to have a drink of water or take a breather from their mask if they need to do so. Handwashing stations, hand sanitizer, and hospital-grade disinfectant are provided for keeping hands, tools, and workstations clean!


At this time, we do not offer refunds on any purchase of creative time, classes, workshops, or boot camps.

If you need to cancel a One-Time Private Class or One-Time Intro to Pottery Class, you can re-book the class without penalty, as long as you cancel your initial reservation at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations made after the 24-hour mark will not be eligible for an account credit or rescheduling.

If you sign up for a seat in a Mixed Levels 4-Pack, Online Handbuilding Boot Camp, Outdoor Pottery Boot Camp, or Outdoor Kids’ Class and need to cancel your entire registration, we will credit 100% of the class fee to your Mindbody account if you cancel a minimum of 2 weeks / 14 days before the first class. We will credit your Mindbody account 50% of the class fee for cancellations made a minimum of one week / 7 days before the first class. Cancellations after the one week / 7 day mark will not receive credit. This credit does not expire and can be used to sign up for future classes or to purchase products or gift cards.

We cannot offer makeup classes for missed sessions of any of our class series offerings. If you need to miss a class and let us know at least 24 hours before the class time, we will count this as an early cancellation and add a $30 gift credit to your Mindbody account. This is a credit, not a refund. We will only offer this credit for one (1) cancellation per class series per person.

For 2021, we have one exception to our cancellation policy: If you need to cancel your classes at any time due to a positive COVID-19 test result, exposure, or symptoms we will credit your Mindbody account for the balance of the value of the class. As with credits for other cancellations, the cash value will not expire and can be used for any other class or product, including gift cards. This is an honor system, and we trust you to both be cautious about potentially exposing our staff and other students, and to respect how difficult this past year has been for businesses like ours when taking advantage of our cancellation policy.