Q. Do you need extra help with our Mindbody software?
A. This short video will guide you step by step – VIDEO –
Q. Where is the GOOD DIRT LA studio located?
A. We’re nestled in a small strip mall located between Culver City and Marina Del Rey. Type this address into your GPS: 4505 S. Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA (between Short Ave and Culver Blvd).
Q. What’s the parking situation?
This should be a stress-free experience. There’s parking in back of our studio for two cars only, but there is plenty of free street parking.
Q. I’ve never worked with clay before; do you offer a class for newbies?
A. Yes, we offer an Introduction to Pottery class, as well as an All Levels Wheel class, which is also great for beginners. We intentionally limit the size of our classes so that our first-time students are able to receive the one-on-one instruction.
Q. How should I prep for class?
A. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, trim your nails, wear your hair up if it’s long, and remove jewelry.
Q. What is the average class size?
A. 4-6 students. All of our classes (adults/kids+teens) are small so we can give you one-on-one instruction and feedback.
Q. What types of clay will we be working with?
A. We specifically use B-mix from Laguna Clay. We believe it’s the best clay body to throw and form when you’re just starting out in this medium.
Q. What type of handbuilding techniques do you teach?
A. Coiling, pinching and slab building. You can learn to make something as simple as a bowl or as intricate as a teapot.
Q. Is the potter’s wheel difficult to learn?
A. Learning anything new takes practice. Getting used to the wheel may take some time and your first try may be challenging, but give it a few chances and you’ll start to understand how the clay works against the force of the wheel. Once you have a handle on the basics, you’ll get the hang of it. We have amazing and experienced instructors to help guide you during class.
Q. Does my child have to be a certain age to work on the wheel?
A. Yes, wheel classes are available for children 10 years old and above. We realize some studios offer wheel classes starting at age 5, but we believe that handbuilding is more rewarding at that age. Reaching for the pedals and sitting in an uncomfortable posture will make the process more difficult for them. We want happy kids, not frustrated ones! You can call us for special requests.
Q. Is your space available for film, TV and commercial shoots?
A. Sure! If you’d like to rent our studio for your shoot, please send us an email us to discuss rates and availability.
Q. If I book a special event, am I allowed to bring wine and cheese?
A. Of course. You’ll always be allowed to bring any food and drink into the studio. It’s a place for the community for all to enjoy!
Q. Do you sell pottery?
A. We do! We have a special section in our studio where you’ll find beautiful pieces all handmade from local potters in LA on display and available to buy for yourself or as gifts. We’ll be hosting open house events in the near future, so keep checking our events tab so you won’t miss the next one!


Read over these important tips before taking your first class!
Tip #1: Wear casual and comfortable clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
Luckily the clay that we use comes out of fabric with a regular wash, but there are glazes and other materials that may not be as forgiving.
Tip#2: If you have long hair, bring an elastic or hair tie to wear it up.
This is crucial to avoid accidents on the wheel.
Tip#3: Trim your fingernails.
Long fingernails make throwing on the wheel and shaping clay much more difficult. We want you to be able to work with ease and get the most out of class!
Tip#4: Remove your jewelry.
Rings, watches and bracelets will only get in the way when working with clay, so it’s best to leave them at home.